Platform Fitness Glenorie is a destination designed to elevate you to your peak. We are the cutting edge for experiencing a new way of fitness.

Platform Fitness Glenorie was founded in 2020 as a family owned and operated state-of-the art gym facility. We pride ourselves on our community-based environment, following you on your journey, we celebrate your successes and help you with your struggles.

We strive to provide a facility that is far from intimidating, but one that feels motivating, fun and energetic, no matter what your workout routine may be. It is the support and guidance from our trainers as well as our strong community atmosphere that keeps our members motivated and coming back for more.

Platform Fitness is the start of your success story.

Become the master of your own body goals to transform into the best physical and mental shape of your life. We cater to all fitness levels, including those who are new, coming back to exercise or wanting the cutting edge in your athletic elite training. Our combination of expert trainers, medium-sized group training sessions and heart rate technology ensures that you’re being educated and monitored on the correct ways and intensities to train to, both for your current level of fitness and your goals.

Platform Fitness offers up to 60 classes per week showcasing our expert trainers in our HIIT, FIIT, BOXFIT, TABATA, METCON, PILATES, YOGA, BARRE, MOBILITY classes and much more!

Within our facility we have 2 x simulated high altitude training rooms, that is a revolutionary change for the fitness game. Altitude training, also sometimes referred to as high elevation training, is when you train at higher altitudes, where the human body is in an oxygen reduced environment. It undeniably delivers total body conditioning with undeniable training gains.

With wellness equipment including Cryotherapy and an infra-red sauna, our members are able to relax, rejuvenate and recover from their training. 

Combining the above, our unique, luxury fit facility in a locally based community is an offering that cannot be beaten.

Setting the Platform for Peak Fitness
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