How much cold can you handle? 

Expose yourself to your uppermost threshold in a cryotherapy session. The therapeutic healing benefits are well worth the freeze. 


Increase endorphins
for elevated physical
and mental wellbeing

Reduce skin fat without
surgery safely and

skin condition

muscle repair
and recovery

Boost collagen and
elastin for skin benefits

Supports physical

Pain relief of joint pain
and inflammation

cryotherapy video

Ever thought about purposely leaving yourself exposed to the cold? If the absurdity of freezing yourself into better health sounds ludicrous then we are going to convince you otherwise. It is going to become your new must-do pursuit once you discover the immense healing and revitalising benefits a cryotherapy session can deliver.

Cryotherapy is a must-have addition to any transformation program. It conditions and revitalises the body in ways that cannot be obtained by other standardised techniques. In a cryotherapy session, the body is exposed to subzero temperatures for as little as three minutes, which ultimately awakens the body to enormous physical and mental health benefits.

Cryotherapy treatments

Cryotherapy is an invigorating treatment with the list of health and wellness benefits too abundant to transcribe. Come and discover the benefits for yourself, now is the perfect time to try cryotherapy and become addicted to the freeze!


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So, let’s deep dive into Altitude training at Platform Fitness. 

We have 2 x altitude rooms at Platform Fitness both serving different purposes for your training. 

Altitude 1: Strength room: 4000m above sea level (13% oxygen)

Altitude 2: Cardio Room: 3000m above sea level (14.2% oxygen)

The benefits of Altitude Training go beyond that of just performance results. After training in our altitude room your heart, lungs, muscles, blood flow become more efficient and you’ll notice health and weight loss improvements. 

There is evidence for improved cardiovascular endurance, speed and strength, it is stimulated to adapt by enhancing the various ways it supplies and uses oxygen to produce energy. In turn this improves the body’s efficiency – the heart, lungs, muscles and other organs all benefit.